Runner-up of pitch fest 2020, Wave Swell Energy is making strides with their King Island project in Tasmania. As an innovative, renewable energy company, Wave Swell is about to embark on Project Bluefire – Join us to learn more about this and their current capital raise.

On 4 November, Wave Swell Energy were announced as the first runner-up of Pitch Fest 2020. Competing against almost 200 different organisations from 38 countries, there was a high-quality competitive field – a true testament and great result for WaveSwell Energy further endorsing WSE and our innovative technology.

As their King Island project nears completion and Project Bluefire, WSE’s comprehensive technology enhancement program gets underway, Wave Swell Energy are on the verge of breaking new ground to improve energy output of their devices, lower the cost of energy production and broaden the commercial market use of their technology.

Having secured a US$5.5M commitment at $10.24 a share, VentureCrowd has exclusive rights to acquire a limited allocation of new shares at a 25% discount, $7.68 a share.

Join us on this live webinar with Wave Swell Energy to learn more about Project Bluefire and this exclusive capital round on Wednesday 2nd December at 5pm (QLD) when VentureCrowd CEO Steve Maarbani talks to Tom Dennis, Co-Founder and Executive Chair of Wave Swell Energy: 

Webinar discussion points:

  1. Pitch Fest 2020 – the process & result for the company.
  2. What is Project Bluefire and what does this mean for the company?
  3. Strategic growth plans – where to next?
  4. What this current raise will assist the company in achieving.

Joining us on the Panel

Steve Maarbani & Tim Denniss
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Wednesday the 2nd December 2020 at 5pm (QLD Time). If you can’t make it to the live webinar, don’t worry, register anyway and we will email the recording to you.

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