VentureCrowd CEO Steve Maarbani spoke to Ticker INVEST about how Australia could become a global technology hub.

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  • At the recent AFR Business Summit the CEO’s of AfterPay and Xero shared their view about how in a post-pandemic world,  Australia has an opportunity to become a Silicon-Valley style global technology center, especially as widespread digitisation across small business continues to be a growth area. 
  • Australia has always been an attractive place to do business, but one of the big things that has been missing is the depth of global technology talent. 
  • Because of the way we’ve handled COVID, now more than ever Australia is a destination people want to be, particularly if you live in the US or the UK, or one of those other major financial centres that have not handled the pandemic well and you’re facing years of uncertainty regarding when it will all go back to normal.
  • AfterPay and Xero (amongst many others) have already proved that global technology businesses can be built and operated from Australia.
  • Right now overseas technology entrepreneurs and technology talent will be looking for a new home, and there’s now no treason why that new home could be right here.
  • If the right federal policies are put in place to encourage migration of technology and entrepreneurial talent, we’ll begin to see more global technology businesses being built out of Australia and that’s good news for everybody.
  • When you combine everything Australia already has going for it – lifestyle, weather, rule of law, solid financial system, social cohesion – and now one of the most progressed COVID recovery stories in the world, there is definitely an opportunity to use this period to attract global entrepreneurial talent and become a global technology centre of excellence.
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