Launch a deal. Raise and secure capital from thousands of sophisticated investors. Deliver on your plan.

Launch a deal

Utilising the VentureCrowd platform and collaboratively with our team, launch a crowdfunding campaign. Choose from a range of campaign services including PR and Digital Marketing.

Secure the capital

A funding round typically runs for 6 weeks. Once closed, and investments are received, we transfer the funds minus our raise fee.

Deliver on your plan

All of the legal documentation is automatically catered for via the platform. Get on with running your business and communicate with shareholders via VentureCrowd.

Is VentureCrowd right for you?

VentureCrowd is an investor-led, co-investment platform, which means our investors invest in your business on the same economic terms as the professional lead investor.

  • Campaign 6+ weeks
  • Access to a large and fast-growing crowd of investors
  • Average investment $35K per investor
  • Automated self-service platform
  • Comprehensive multi-channel digital campaign
  • Investor communications
  • Presentations/webinar
  • Support
  • Dedicated campaign manager

6% of capital raised, $7.5K campaign fee (excluding GST).



Enabled an Australia wide IoT network to be delivered

Loic Barancourt, CEO

Raised over $1M in one month.
“Personally I was impressed by the efforts put into promoting the deal.”

6% on capital raised
from $10K campaign fee

Excludes GST.

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