Property Funds

Property funds allow both residential and industrial property developers the option of seeking and sourcing the funds they need from multiple investors in a simple, straight-forward and fuss-free way. VentureCrowd can help you structure multiple deal options to suit your personal goals, offering you unprecedented access to over 50k investors, buyers, partners and contributors for your property project. Your investments are supported by an easy to use online platform containing all the information you need to manage, maintain and develop your investment options.

We are passionate about ensuring that everyone can invest in and shape their world and at VentureCrowd this means finding and funding a future that is good for investors, for founders, for humanity and Australia. You can start or broaden your existing portfolio of real estate assets and investments without being responsible for property development projects. You can leverage the expertise and experience of serious property developers as well as experienced investors as you learn and build your investment income streams.

How do property funds work?

When individual investors join property funds, they combine their venture capital with the contributions of other investors. This allows more people to participate in and benefit from successful investment opportunities like large-scale residential and commercial development projects which an individual investor may not otherwise be able to access. Property funds also help protect individual investors against significant losses as less capital is required to participate. This means that there is less risk for an investor and less risk is always preferable when sourcing high yield investment opportunities. 

Why invest in property funds?

Australia has joined nations like the US and New Zealand, and countries throughout Europe and Asia, by passing the legislative framework required to permit retail investors – such as yourself – to participate in a new Crowd-Sourced Funding (CSF) regime. This type of investment structure may also be referred to as syndicate investing and consists of property funds which multiple investors contribute to as part of large high return investments such as property development opportunities. Anyone residing in Australia and who is at least 18 years old can now invest in CSF offers made by an investment property company like VentureCrowd. We have already successfully raised capital for over 4 years from wholesale investors with over $140m raised across 100 successful deals. 

But what makes property funds good investment opportunities? In short, it’s the mitigation of risk. Traditionally, large scale building projects like residential developments and commercial developments have been closed to retail investors. To raise the property funds required to launch big projects, investors would have to contribute extremely large sums of investment capital. This meant that everyday investors, like you, could not access or share in something like a large Gold Coast property investment targeting key residential and business areas. Property funds which are created

through crowdfunding investors allow smaller investors to mitigate the risk of big property investing by diversifying their investment portfolios and splitting the risk they assume across multiple projects. 

Generally speaking, investment property companies like us advise that investors can expect 90% of their investment earnings to come from roughly 10% of their portfolio. This means that 90% of your investment portfolio may not generate any investment income at all and so the remaining 10% become vital to your income generation. 

As part of our services, we deliver pre-vetted investment opportunities to our members as well as the platform required to monitor and manage those investments. We offer individual investors access to areas like Brisbane property investment they may not have been able to access as a sole investor. We take care of your paperwork for you, negotiating on your behalf. All you need to do is take some time to research our current opportunities to see which projects interest you and which projects you feel align with your wealth and investment goals. Once you have decided, you simply get in contact with us and we take care of the rest.

How do I set up a property fund?

We use our strong industry partnerships to source the best investment opportunities for our members. We offer you smarter investment options which support solid opportunities with low upfront costs, defined turnaround time and an investment exit strategy. You have limited liability, subject to losing only what you invest and there are no credit history or borrowing capacity checks required. You also have the opportunity to get in on the ground floor with projects that resonate with you. You can become part of projects that you believe in, helping to shape the future of development within Australia.

How to manage investment property funds?

When you choose VentureCrowd, you’re choosing the property funds managers who offer you increased access to fuss-free funding sourced from a previously untapped pool of investors throughout Australia. We offer you unrivalled exposure for your project and the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who are as committed to the success of your property project as you are. You can remain the largest shareholder without any interruption from us; we let you just get on with the job. 

For more information about how VentureCrowd can help you to achieve your investment goals using property funds, please feel free to review our current opportunities on our website along with our investing FAQs. You can enquire online using our online form or call us on 1300 039 655.

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