Investment Property Companies Australia

We help investors gain exposure to unique real estate asset classes including residential, commercial and industrial development opportunities.

Investment Property Companies

We are VentureCrowd, one of Australia’s most successful investment property companies specialising in sourcing and offering retail investors, just like you, access to simplified investment opportunities in both residential and commercial developments. Our crowdfunding investments are delivered through an easy-to-use online platform. Our investors access curated alternative investment opportunities which have traditionally been available only to institutional or high net worth sophisticated investors.

What do investment property companies do?

We want to ensure that everybody can invest and shape the world we live in. To that end, we provide investors like you access to curated startup and property investment opportunities as well as an easily navigable online platform from which you can track the management of your investments. The kinds of growth opportunities we source and provide include high growth property funds, super high yield investment funds as well as retail fund opportunities. With VentureCrowd, you can start or add to your real estate portfolio investments minus the hassle of managing a property development. You get a foot in the door and, if the development is successful, a share in that success. 

We help investors gain exposure to unique real estate asset classes including residential, commercial and industrial development opportunities. When you choose VentureCrowd, you’re choosing to leverage expert industry know-how from successful property developers as well as the opportunity to invest alongside experienced investors. Our service offers you a quick and easy online platform from which you can compare and research our available pre-vetted investment opportunities. When you have found an investment that interests you and you’re ready to proceed, leave the paperwork to us. We negotiate terms on your behalf and deliver regular updates regarding your project’s progress. 

How do investment property companies make money?

As one of Australia’s investment property companies, we source solid investment opportunities on your behalf making it easier than ever to access pre-vetted opportunities with low upfront costs, defined turnaround time and an exit strategy. It’s free to register on VentureCrowd and generally you can choose how you wish to invest. 

Investment options can include:

  • 1% transaction fee and 20% performance fee payable on exit (this excludes GST)
  • Performance fees are not incurred against the principal investment and occur only on a successful exit

For commercial members, investment options include:

  • 6% on capital raised (excluding GST)
  • $4,000 campaign fee (excluding GST)

How to structure investments with an investment property company?

Australia has now passed the legislative framework allowing retail investors – that’s you – to participate in a new Crowd-Sourced Funding (CSF) regime just like the US, Europe, Asia and New Zealand. This type of investing structure may also be called syndicate investing. Anyone residing in Australia and who is at least 18 years old can now invest in CSF offers made by an investment property company like VentureCrowd. We have already successfully raised venture capital for over 4 years from wholesale investors with over $140m raised across 100 successful deals. 

If you are considering registering with us then there are some important things to review before you settle on any of the investment property companies you may be considering, including how things like the business and property funds are structured. Always seek professional and independent financial advice from an advisor that you know and trust before committing to a new investment opportunity, especially if you have never invested before. We are always happy to help explain how our investment property operates and how you fit into our overall picture.

As a general rule, early-stage investors will realise a return on their investment on an ‘exit’. An exit is typically a trade sale (i.e. when a company or property development is sold) or via an initial public offering (IPO) on the stock market. Successful early-stage opportunities can offer very high return investments and so may look extremely attractive, however, as with all investments they also carry risk. It is worth considering that only 10% of your portfolio reside in these types of assets to manage your investment risk.

To further mitigate the risk to early-stage investment portfolios, it may be worth considering an investment strategy like spreading your investment capital over many different early-stage companies and to expect about 90% of the returns you make to come from approximately 10% of your portfolio. This means that the diversification of your early-stage investment portfolio is critical in capturing the 10% of early-stage companies which may generate 90% of your returns.

Is investing with an investment property company worth it?

Joining a CSF regime like VentureCrowd offers investors just like you the opportunity to take a more active role in planning and property investing in Australia’s future. It may also help you to minimise the income tax that you pay throughout the year as well as support your future wealth and financial security. 

CSF regimes work like ground floor entry schemes which allow retail investors access to large-scale commercial and residential property developments capable of returning very high ROI. However, all investment opportunities come with inherent risks and the general rule of thumb is that the higher the potential return, the higher the investment risk. Before you choose an investment property company to register with, always carefully review opportunities with a professional financial advisor who can help you with building and diversifying your portfolios. You can review our investment FAQs on our website as well as our current investment opportunities in detail.

Be part of something bigger and build your wealth as Australia grows and expands.

Join VentureCrowd, one of the fuss-free investment property companies offering ground floor access to lucrative property investment opportunities throughout the country.