Brisbane Property Investment

Through a Brisbane property investment, you can cleverly diversify your portfolio and get a good return on capital at the same time. Buying an investment property is an opportunity to put your money into something tangible and unlike some other complex investments, you don’t need to be an expert or specialist – you just have to make a smart decision. 

Brisbane has a lot to offer in terms of lifestyle. In this current economic climate, many investors are taking advantage of the low mortgage rates and researching the property market in Brisbane for potential future long-term gains.

Any investment decision should be made with due diligence and research. VentureCrowd can help with this as they are a professional crowdfunding model aimed at reducing complexity and guiding you through handpicked investment property companies and opportunities. Property funds are a great way to gain returns from a Brisbane property investment as they will allow you to get exposure to unique opportunities in real estate offering a steady income and capital growth. Read on to find out how a Brisbane property investment is good for you.

Is Brisbane a good property investment?

For many investors, a Brisbane property investment has great appeal as it’s the most affordable market compared to major capital cities such as Sydney and Melbourne. The median house prices are low and properties are set amongst a prime location. Local tourism is increasing and as Australia looks into its own backyard for holidays and staycations, the warmer weather of Queensland is appealing during the cooler months. Furthermore, residents in Brisbane can enjoy the benefits of a strong infrastructure plan to accommodate the city’s growing population.

So, with the promise of real growth in the Brisbane property game you may be asking “can I double my money with a Brisbane property investment?” Doubling your money, or increasing it to any degree, depends on a few factors such as how much you invest, your timeframe for investment, and the rate of return. The rate of return will be based on the location and property type you wish to invest in, and therefore research is paramount to your financial success and the ultimate benefit from a high yield investment.  

What should I look for in an investment property in Brisbane?

Investing in real estate is primarily about capital growth, so choosing a property that is more likely to increase in value should be the foundation behind your decision. Unlike buying shares, buying real estate is negotiable, and with some patience and background knowledge on the area, you might be able to get a Brisbane property investment below its market value. The most important thing to do is research and work out what is selling for in and around the area and you will quickly ascertain if what you are considering is a good deal.

It is also important to research the demographics and local amenities in the area. For instance, if you are investing in a family home for renters, find out if it is close to schools and parks and on a quiet street.

Where to buy an investment property in Brisbane?

According to the current buyer’s guides, the top investment properties in Brisbane are based on criteria such as buying demand, infrastructure, public transport, local amenities, school catchments, and neighbouring suburbs. Here are some of the top listed suburbs to buy a Brisbane property investment:

  • Bridgeman Downs – This was a previously considered prestige and rural residential suburb but it is now offering a combination of rising rentals in demand and is a key indicator of investment potential.
  • Carina Heights – A great suburb for first home buyers and investors especially with renovations in mind. The average house price in Carina Heights is becoming higher which is an indication of growth in this area.
  • Everton Park – Aptly described as the foodie hub, Everton Park offers a café city lifestyle. The area, however, is not located in the CBD.
  • Ferny Grove – An affordable suburb for investors with a growing interest in the area. The suburb also boasts a local train station for commuters.
  • Keperra – Another affordable suburb for first home buyers and investors. This is in a convenient location only 10km from the CBD.
  • Loganholme – This greater Brisbane suburb has seen strong growth and a median house price increase in recent months.

By conducting thorough research of the area and understanding its potential for future growth, you will be able to break into the property investment scene with informed decisions and a clear plan. VentureCrowd can also assure this. 

In addition to property investing, VentureCrowd gives investors access to alternative finance from a crowd of both retail and sophisticated investors. Under this model, you will have direct access to alternative equity such as venture capital on the same terms as professional lead investors. There is also the option of investing in a mortgage fund allowing a secure investment in lending money to a range of borrowers. Get in touch with VentureCrowd to start maximising your portfolio growth.

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