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We provide Retail and Wholesale Property Crowdfunding opportunities for investors and developers. We’re passionate about giving everyone the ability to invest and shape the world in which we live. At VentureCrowd, we find and fund the future. A future that is good for investors, founders and humanity.

Current VentureCrowd Property opportunities are:

Property Investing

Property investing is a great way to build wealth and through the act of buying, leasing, renovating, and developing investment properties, investors can improve their financial situation and set themselves up for a comfortable, or even early retirement. Putting your money into something tangible and investing in property can be easier to understand than other investments. There is something very rewarding for the investor to physically see their assets and build their financial portfolio at the same time.

In this current economic climate, many investors are taking advantage of the low mortgage rates and diving into the property market for long term returns 2020 and beyond. However, investment decisions should be made with due diligence and the right information. VentureCrowd can help with this as they are a professional crowdfunding model aimed at reducing complexity and guiding you through access to handpicked investment opportunities in alternative assets and investment properties. Getting the basics about property investing is important so you understand how it works and if this is right for you.  

Is property investing risky?

Property investing can be seen as less risky than other forms of investment. However, there will inevitably be an element of risk involved and therefore, consideration should be made for the vulnerability to damage and unforeseen weather scenarios. As property is a tangible asset, there is the risk that your investment property is exposed to natural disasters and fire. Your investment may also face damage caused by tenants, instances of robbery and other forms of vandalism that may require you to cover the costs at your expense. Additionally, rental income may not cover your mortgage while interest rates may increase.

What are the advantages of property investing?

Property investing has several advantages. Real estate is a physical asset and unlike some other complex investments, you do not need to be a specialist and have a comprehensive technical knowledge on the subject matter. There is also the opportunity for capital growth. If your investment property increases in value, then you will also benefit from a capital gain when you decide to sell. From a cash standpoint, you will earn rental income if your investment property is tenanted, and you can also offset most property costs and expenses against the rental income, including any interest on the loan used to buy the property.

Can we make good money with property investing?

Property investing can indeed become a high yield investment for you if you have the right information and support on where to start. VentureCrowd can provide clarity around this and gives investors, entrepreneurs, established business owners, property developers, and lenders access to alternative finance from a crowd of both retail and sophisticated investors. Property investing under this model will give you direct access to alternative equity on the same terms as professional lead investors. Property funds are a great way to gain returns from property investing. They will allow you to get exposure to unique opportunities in real estate classes of residential, commercial and industrial development that offer a steady income and capital growth. 

Additionally, a mortgage fund is considered a secure investment and allows investors to lend their money to a range of borrowers. Making good money from property investing can be achieved in two ways: rental income and capital growth. Rental income puts money directly into your bank account, while the other relies on properties increasing in value. If your investment property is held for the long term and increases in value, you will also make a gain from this as you, the investor, owns the property and its subsequent value. The challenge for every investor is treating growth and income as an extra, rather than making a decision on which strategy suits their circumstances in the interim.

How do I start property investing?

To get started in property investing it is best, to begin with, a checklist and be fully prepared for what’s to come:

  • Check your finances – calculate your expenses and determine them against your total income and assets.
  • Get pre-approval from your lender or through a mortgage broker
  • Set your goals and determine what success looks like to you.
  • Add value to your property. By adding some aesthetic improvements to the property, you could raise its value through an appraisal.
  • Start budgeting and understand how you spend your money which will plan and prepare you for potential and larger expenses in the future.

Research the market. The Queensland property market is also a great place to start. Through VentureCrowd, you can work through options within the Brisbane property investment and Gold Coast property investment scenes. VentureCrowd can set you up with investment property companies as they also understand the security and financial benefits of property investing and holding a property portfolio over the long term. Property investing through VentureCrowd is achieved through a simple 4-step process of seeking investment opportunities – begin investing, become an owner and then share in the success. Get in touch with VentureCrowd to discuss diversifying your portfolio with property investing. 

You can contact us on 1300 039 655, send an email to or get in touch online. We’d be happy to answer any of your questions.

At VentureCrowd we offer

Increased access to fuss-free funding

    • Access a previously untapped source of financing via a pool of investors across Australia.

Unprecedented Exposure

    • Unrivalled exposure for your project through our leading platform. Increase your visibility to over 10k investors, buyers, partners and contributors to your project.

Save time

  • 48 hour turnaround to assess your project, after we receive all necessary information – there’s no bureaucracy.

Maximum project control

    • Maintain control of your development and remain the largest shareholder, we let you get on with your job.


    • Structure multiple deal options to suit your needs, including equity and/or debt.

Community Support

    • Find like-minded individuals that support your project and engage with stakeholders who care about what you stand for.

Gain returns through a hands-off investment

    • Start or add to your portfolio of real estate investments without the hassle of managing a property development.

Opportunities for every investor

    • Gain exposure to unique real estate asset classes such as residential, commercial and industrial development opportunities. Leverage the know-how of property developers and invest alongside experienced investors.

Convenient and easy-to-use platform

    • Save time and quickly compare available pre-vetted deals on our platform. We negotiate terms on your behalf, handle the paperwork and update you on project progress.

Invest smart

    • Support solid investment opportunities with low upfront costs, defined turnaround time and exit strategy.

Limited liability

    • You can only lose what you invest. No credit history or borrowing capacity checks required.

Support what you stand for

    • Be part of a project you believe in and invest in the future of yourself and others.