We provide Retail and Wholesale Property Crowdfunding opportunities for investors and developers.

We’re passionate about giving everyone the ability to invest and shape the world in which we live.
At VentureCrowd, we find and fund the future. A future that is good for investors, founders and humanity.

Current VentureCrowd Property opportunities are:

Gain returns through a hands-off investment

    • Start or add to your portfolio of real estate investments without the hassle of managing a property development.

Opportunities for every investor

    • Gain exposure to unique real estate asset classes such as residential, commercial and industrial development opportunities. Leverage the know-how of property developers and invest alongside experienced investors.

Convenient and easy-to-use platform

    • Save time and quickly compare available pre-vetted deals on our platform. We negotiate terms on your behalf, handle the paperwork and update you on project progress.

Invest smart

    • Support solid investment opportunities with low upfront costs, defined turnaround time and exit strategy.

Limited liability

    • You can only lose what you invest. No credit history or borrowing capacity checks required.

Support what you stand for

    • Be part of a project you believe in and invest in the future of yourself and others.

At VentureCrowd we offer

Increased access to fuss-free funding

    • Access a previously untapped source of financing via a pool of investors across Australia.

Unprecedented Exposure

    • Unrivalled exposure for your project through our leading platform. Increase your visibility to over 10k investors, buyers, partners and contributors to your project.

Save time

  • 48 hour turnaround to assess your project, after we receive all necessary information – there’s no bureaucracy.

Maximum project control

    • Maintain control of your development and remain the largest shareholder, we let you get on with your job.


    • Structure multiple deal options to suit your needs, including equity and/or debt.

Community Support

    • Find like-minded individuals that support your project and engage with stakeholders who care about what you stand for.