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VentureCrowd partnerships

Full stack VC firm offering end-to-end venture capital platform for startups at seed, angel & growth stages in Australia, China, ASEAN.

A not-for-profit angel investment membership organisation. That supports the early-stage ecosystem by running processes and events that connect our investing members with promising early-stage companies.

Since 2011 Clearstate have operated as an end-to-end property development company managing projects from acquisition, subdivision, adherence to government regulation and local planning requirements through to delivery.

Partner Program

VentureCrowd is Australia’s leading crowd-sourced equity platform, empowering a new generation of investors to access and invest in Australian early stage, high growth potential start-ups.

By facilitating access to investors that are not currently investing in venture capital opportunities, VentureCrowd aims to unlock a new pool of early stage finance to help fuel the development of Australia’s start-ups and help close funding rounds quickly and efficiently.

How does VentureCrowd work with its partners?

Working with our network partners across Australia, VentureCrowd takes a collaborative approach to solving the early stage funding gap for Australian startups. VentureCrowd helps to close funding rounds in which our Partners are participating, quickly and efficiently, by offering the balance of the round to our growing database of registered investors online

We start off by getting to know each of our Partners, understanding the companies and ideas they like to back and honing in on how we can help close funding rounds. As details of a funding round are finalised we are able to get involved and offer the balance, on the same economic terms, to otherwise hard to access investors through our platform. Having strong relationships with our Partners we confidently co-invest on the same valuation and other core terms already negotiated and set.

VentureCrowd funding campaigns also have PR and digital distribution strategies built in, giving the startups and our Partners significant exposure to key stakeholders, including potential investors, customers, and commercial partners.

What's in it for you?

Being a VentureCrowd Partner gives you access to:

Fast-tracked access

Streamlined registration approval on VentureCrowd for all startups in which you are an investor in the current round. This means fast-tracked access to our Digital Campaigns, making it quicker and easier for companies to close their funding rounds.

Workshops & events

Exclusive VentureCrowd workshops and events exploring the startup ecosystem, capital raising and equity crowdfunding in Australia.


Participation and access to our co-branded events, thought leadership publications, market research projects and other ecosystem development initiatives.

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