VentureCrowd CEO Steve Maarbani spoke to Ticker INVEST about how to gain exposure to the property boom without buying a property.

Short on time? Here's the summary:

  • New data shows that Australian housing prices have recorded their largest monthly rise in almost two decades in February 2021, with housing values rising across every capital city and state region (more information here)
  • This growth is being driven by low interest rates, higher that normal savings, government incentives and improved business confidence and employment conditions
  • Westpac, the Reserve Bank and other analysts are forecasting continuing increases over the next few years
  • All of this is good news for investors who own or are planning to buy property, but it’s even better news for property developers, where the return on equity from investing in property development projects are typically 25-35%
  • As a result more development projects of different sizes begin this year. 
  • If you’re an investor, and you want exposure to the property market but don’t want to buy physical property, another option is to participate in property funds that invest in property development projects. 
  • There are different types of property development funds that have different risk and return profiles, are designed to appeal to different types of investors and you don’t need hundreds of thousands of dollars to participate.

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