High Return Investments

To get the maximum benefit from high return investments, you will need to find investment options and solutions that fit in with your financial goals, time frame, and risk tolerance. A high return investment will diversify your portfolio, and allow you the opportunity to explore a combination of alternative assets such as shares, property investing, and high yield investments that will provide a higher rate of return. When thinking of high return investments, it’s important to understand how the investment works, any fees and charges involved, tax implications, risk, and how long you should invest to receive the expected returns.

VentureCrowd is a professional crowdfunding model aimed at reducing complexity and guiding you through access to handpicked investment opportunities in alternative assets and higher returns. Read on to find out if high return investments are for you.

What are the high risk, high return investments?

For the risk-taker, high risk, high return investments are opportunities to earn cash quickly if you’re willing to accept the associated level of risk involved. Such risk is measured by marketplace volatility and detected through the potentially unforeseen swinging pendulum of stock market prices. Therefore, when investing in a product based on its historical and projected returns, it is important that you must also understand its volatility and overall risk. Meaning, some investments may return very well but are also volatile to a sudden market drop. 

Many high-risk investment opportunities fall under the classification of alternative investments and include tangible, as well as financial assets, and private equity. Most of these assets are relatively unknown and can be vulnerable to change yet can also have the potential for real growth.

So, you might be asking, are high return investments safe? The answer is yes with a little bit of homework and some guidance. VentureCrowd provides clarity around this and gives investors, entrepreneurs, established business owners, property developers, and lenders access to alternative finance from a crowd of both retail and sophisticated investors. Under this model, anyone residing in Australia, 18 years of age or older can invest and have access to alternative equity on the same terms as professional lead investors. This is investing with simplicity and transparency.

How to find low risk, high return investments?

If you are considering safe investments with high returns, then property investment opportunities can offer this outcome. Property funds are a great way to gain returns through a low risk, high return investment. They will allow you to get exposure to unique opportunities in real estate classes of residential, commercial, and industrial development that offer a steady income and capital growth. Investment property companies also understand the security and financial benefits of investing and holding property portfolio over the long term. Additionally, a mortgage fund is considered a secure investment and allows investors to lend their money to a range of borrowers.

Another consideration for safe high return investments is to explore Venture Capital options. Venture capital is a type of startup financing that investors become a part of for maximising their growth. Although there is an element of risk for investors around venture capital, there is also real potential for earning high returns. 

In terms of Venture Capital, VentureCrowd focuses on making principal investments and managing funds for seed-stage and early-stage ventures.

Can high return investments double my money?

So, while learning about high return investments, you may wonder “how much return is achievable?”, and if possible, “can high return investments even double my money?”. Investing your money for high returns will always be the end goal but there are several variables such as risk, rate of return, and duration of the time required involved to achieve this. Doubling your money, or increasing it to any degree, depends on three simple factors: How much you invest, your timeframe, and the rate of return.

One way to determine how and when your money will double is by using a simple mathematical equation; the rule of 72. To establish this, you will need to calculate the length of time by dividing 72 by the annual rate of return. This will give you a rough estimate of how many years it will take the money you have invested to double. 

Backed by the best

When investing your money, it’s important to understand who you’re working with. As an investor, you are part of the changing global investment landscape. There is now an opportunity to not only make a profit but have an impact on society and the environment. VentureCrowd can offer you choice and help reduce the complexity of investing. They offer complete transparency and help drive portfolio diversification through early-stage businesses, premium real estate developments, and alternative debt investments.

Investing through VentureCrowd can be achieved through a simple process of seeking investment opportunities, begin investing, become an owner, and then share in the success. Get in touch with VentureCrowd to diversify your portfolio with high return investments.