Alternative Credit

Blog Post: 19th Jan 2017

Alternative Credit There is much literature available on the benefits on Alternative Investments. Over the next few weeks, the VentureCrowd team will publish a series of notes to provide practical insights into the sometime opaque world of Alternative Investments. To start with, here is a brief teaser on a branch of Alternative Investments – Alternative Credit.Alternative Credit could be broadly defined as the extension of credit to a borrower or issuer, outside of the banking system. It read more

Venture Debt

Blog Post: 30th Aug 2016

Venture debt is financing for startups that complements equity. Venture debt is typically structured as a 3-5yr term loan or series of loans with warrants attached for company stock.Venture debt is senior and usually secured by a startup’s assets. It is a form of risk capital that when structured appropriately is flexible and less costly/dilutive than equity.When to consider venture debt? To extend the cash runway of your business.As an insurance policy to add a cash cushion to get to the read more

Periodic Table of the Australian Startup Ecosystem

Blog Post: 18th Aug 2016

To make sense of the fast growing startup ecosystem here in Australia, this Periodic Table of the Australian Startup Ecosystem – created by our friends at Artesian Venture Partners – tells you everything you need to know at a glance. read more

Startup Ecosystem by Sector

Blog Post: 18th Aug 2016

Here is a series of graphics that gives you a bird's eye view of the ecosystems that have built up around different startup sectors including Fintech, AgTech, EdTech, CleanTech, and the Internet of Things. The graphics are courtesy of Artesian Venture Partners. read more

5 answers to top questions on equity crowdfunding

Blog Post: 11th Aug 2016

Equity crowdfunding, and the ability to invest in early stage companies through an online platform like VentureCrowd, is still regarded as a novelty by many wholesale investors. That said, first hand experience from our platform shows that interest is growing at a steady clip. Though, whenever I meet up with potential investors, I’m typically greeted with a barrage of questions, so there’s obviously some confusion out there. Here are five questions I’m commonly asked, and my answ read more

It’s time for more liberal crowdfunding laws

Blog Post: 25th Jul 2016

I’m often asked about how an equity crowdfunding platform like VentureCrowd fits in with more conventional forms of venture capital. People often see crowdfunding as competing with traditional equity raising firms, when this couldn’t be further from the truth.Rather than vying with venture capital firms for the best opportunities, crowdfunding through VentureCrowd actually serves as an additional funding mechanism. It’s a complementary way of securing additional funding and attracting new read more

Regulatory sandbox for fintechs

Blog Post: 23rd Jun 2016

There are some interesting developments in the fintech regulation space.On the premise that our regulatory framework disadvantages Australian innovators, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) has released a consultation paper on proposed further measures to facilitate innovation in financial services, including a regulatory sandbox licensing exemption.Lowering barriersThe creation of the sandbox will allow financial services startups to attract investment and get to market read more

Clearstate raises close to $1 million in 4 hours

Blog Post: 22nd Jun 2016

Great news today with the completion of our innovative crowdfunding deal for end-to-end residential property development company Clearstate.In excess of $900,000The deal, which we believe was the first online platform based equity raise for a residential subdivision in Australia, raised in excess of $900,000. And if we needed further proof of the investor appetite for this kind of real estate investment opportunities, this deal was fully subscribed within about four hours!This is not totally sur read more

Property crowdfunding goldmine

Blog Post: 16th Jun 2016

If our latest property deal with Clearstate is anything to go by, real estate crowdfunding is really coming into its own in Australia. The deal closed more than two times over-subscribed!This partnership between VentureCrowd and Clearstate gives investors unique access to equity in the $13.4 million Garfield Road property development in Riverstone East, located 45 minutes north-west of Sydney.Higher potential returnsSo, unlike other property crowdfunding deals, which see investors buy equity in read more

The untapped potential of credit crowdfunding

Blog Post: 26th May 2016

While equity and property crowdfunding are gaining huge momentum both here and overseas, it’s the area of Credit crowdfunding that holds enormous untapped potential for small business owners, specialist lenders, developers and investors alike.Peer-to-peer lending is the common fintech view of ‘credit’ as an asset class but there are other ways to access this sector. Think of a dentist who needs $500,000 funding to open a new practice. Dental equipment, fittings, and supplies all come with read more