Invest small.
Think big.

Invest small. Think big.

Why VentureCrowd?

VentureCrowd is an investor-led, co-investment platform, which means you can invest in deals on the same economic terms and valuation as professional lead investors like angels, VCs or institutional investors.

Our investors share in the successes whilst enjoying some of the best protections available.

Successful offers
Over 580 investments made
Investor audience
12% invested more than once


VentureCrowd has unrivalled access to the most exciting startups, high growth companies and property developments in Australia via our network of partners.

Work with us

Financial Advisors • Brokers • Planners / Institutions
HNW Individuals / Family Offices • VCs • Property Developers


Private Syndicate Platform (PSP)

PSP provides companies with an easy-to-use online platform, aggregated investment vehicle and private registry service to help manage your investors in an efficient and professional way.

Investors experience a simple onboarding process, and have access to a personalised dashboard to view company updates and other information about their investments all in one place. For more information:


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