Gold Coast Investment Property

Gold Coast property investment is among the hottest tickets in town with reports showing the steady growth and expansion of south-east Queensland, centering particularly on areas like Brisbane and the Gold Coast. 

Is Gold Coast property investment a good idea?

In recent years, the Gold Coast and surrounding south-east Queensland region have seen significant property value growth and increasing popularity. Contributing factors include improvements made in infrastructure development projects and the Gold Coast’s laid-back coastal lifestyle that remains within commuting distance to the state’s capital, Brisbane. The sheer beauty of the Gold Coast has to be seen to be believed with lots of key urban development projects aligned to vast stretches of pristine Australian beaches. 

Buyers can have their cake and eat it too, enjoying the best of coastal living and all of the conveniences that major urban centers provide such as education and training opportunities, inner-city entertainment venues and options as well as high-paying city employment options. Luxury apartments, frame entertainment, and fine dining experiences still remain affordable for purchase with mortgage funds remaining low enough to support the surge in population. Now couldn’t be a better time to get in on the ground floor of this amazing opportunity and at VentureCrowd, that’s exactly what we specialise in.

Take a look at our current investment opportunities and ensure that investment options align with your personal wealth goals with some quick and easy research of the area. Investors should always seek the professional advice of financial planners or advisors before embarking on large investments, especially if you haven’t done anything a Gold Coast property investment before. We try to make things as simple and straightforward as possible, reducing paperwork and negotiating on your behalf.

What are the best suburbs for Gold Coast property investment?

According to online real estate platform, Domain, 2019 saw exponential property value growth with house prices increasing 2.7% throughout the Gold Coast’s eastern suburbs as well as huge 6.8% growth through the Gold Coast hinterland. According to Queensland’s state government infrastructure planning strategy, Brisbane will see a fresh injection of funds to help boost the local economy and create more jobs and housing opportunities as the population grows. While Brisbane has seen owner-occupiers using access to lower mortgage rates, investors continue to flock to the area, as well as the Gold Coast, on the hunt for high return investments, including higher rental yields. 

How much money do I need for Gold Coast Property Investment?

The beauty of property funds is that they are high yield investment options now available to retail investors just like you. Previously, high return investments in property development have not been open to smaller investors who have found it difficult to raise the venture capital required to buy into projects like Gold Coast property investment and Brisbane property investment. Australia has now passed the legislation required to create syndicate investing, such as can be found in places like the US, New Zealand, and throughout Europe and Asia. 

Investment property companies like VentureCrowd help to promote crowdfunding investment opportunities, offering exposure to over 50k investors, buyers and contributors. You now need a lot less money to invest in residential and industrial development projects which means that you can also help to mitigate the risk you assume when you start investing.

Generally speaking, you can expect a diversified portfolio to return you 90% of your investment income from about 10% of your portfolio. Investing in property development can be risky, like all investments, so being able to diversify your portfolio ensures that not all of your eggs are in the same basket. Without a fully diversified property portfolio, riskier investments can turn into money drains, swallowing up a lot of smaller investors.

We support individuals by offering a range of pre-vetted investment opportunities as well as an online platform from which investors can monitor, manage and maintain their interests. We also take care of the paperwork for you, ensuring you receive a fuss-free investment experience backed by our strong industry partnerships, expertise and investing experience.

What is the average return on Gold Coast property investment?

It’s free to register on VentureCrowd and generally you can choose how you wish to invest your money. This means that you can choose to support developments and growth opportunities which not only offer you lucrative returns on your investments but also help you feel part of the Gold Coast that you’re helping to build. 

Investment options can include:

  • 1% transaction fee and 20% performance fee payable on exit (this excludes GST)
  • Performance fees are not incurred against the principal investment and occur only on a successful exit

For commercial members, investment options include:

  • 6% on capital raised (excluding GST)
  • $4,000 campaign fee (excluding GST)

VentureCrowd offers complete transparency, aligning all parties, and helping to drive portfolio diversification through early-stage businesses and alternative debt investments as well as premium Gold Coast property investment. We are the bridge between individual investors who may not have otherwise been able to access investment opportunities traditionally monopolised by institutional or high net worth sophisticated investors. Our partnerships with lead investors empower people like entrepreneurs, established business owners, property developers, and lenders with access to alternative finance from a combination of both retail and sophisticated investors.

To take your first step toward joining something bigger and becoming part of the future of Australia, register today at VentureCrowd. We help to build your wealth as you invest in the growth and expansion of areas like Gold Coast property investment as well as other opportunities throughout Australia. If you would like more information about any of our current opportunities or how your role as developer or investor works, please review our FAQs on our website or enquire via our online form or by calling us on 1300 039 655 today.