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More than profits – Why Property Developments must create communities that work

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Property Developments – More than profits…

Discover why Property Developments must create communities that work and Why Property Developers have a social responsibility to create more than just shelter.

Watch VentureCrowd’s CEO Steven Maarbani present his 10-minute talk at FutureSpective


The key presentation points:

  • Discover why all Property Development Projects go through three key stages of development
  • What happens when a well delivered Master Plan delivers to a community
  • Why VentureCrowd believe that Property Developers have a responsibility to create communities that matter
  • Why buildings should be structural public art that endures over time
  • What are the deepest impacts on the people living in the property development are
  • How to assess a Property Development Project
  • The fundamental drivers of the Property Market
  • How to look through a Property Project Financial Feasibility
  • What are the key sources of finance for a Property Development Project


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