Manage your investors with Private Syndicate Platform (PSP).
VentureCrowd provides companies, syndicates and investors with an online platform to aggregate investments when raising capital.


PSP provides companies an online deal platform, aggregated investment vehicle and private registry service when raising capital

(includes shareholder documentation & communication, share transfer and record)

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Simplify the Register

A special purpose trust managed by our trustee and nominees. Only one entity appears on the company capitalisation table.

Cost Effective

Access PSP at a fraction of the typical costs associated with aggregating and managing investors into an investment vehicle.

Investor Verification

KYC & AML company obligations are satisfied via the platform as investors register.


For both Companies and Investors the relevant legal documentation and associated records are generated via the platform and made accessible online.


Communications with investors are made easy and managed via the platform in a secure and personalised fashion.

Corporate Actions

Associated updates to investors, register, documents and communications to both the company and investors are all managed via the single platform.


Associated overheads in managing the company register are released.

Analytics and Insights

Report on investor actions and engagement with the company portal via VentureCrowd.


PSP extends to investor groups and syndicates


Investors receive a simple, secure and private registration for their investment.


The VentureCrowd PSP is built and managed to internationally recognised standards, in addition, the platform is subject to a regular penetration testing program.


Investors can view their investment in the company, portfolio and update personal details via an easy to use online platform.

Investor Updates

Communications from the company are managed via the VentureCrowd platform and delivered in a clear and uniform fashion.

Deal Access

Investors gain access to VentureCrowd’s curated alternative asset investment opportunities.