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VentureCrowd gives the crowdfunding process a distinctly professional edge by opening up highly selective equity, credit and real estate investment opportunities to sophisticated investors.
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Register as a wholesale investor.

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Access curated alternative investment opportunities and invest alongside professionals

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Why VentureCrowd?

Curation and Alignment

Every crowdfunding deal on VentureCrowd's is subject to our rigorous screening process. We work on opportunities that have been validated by professional lead investors.
VentureCrowd investors then invest on the same terms.

Professional Team

Led by seasoned finance professionals with extensive experience across all asset classes, we're providing new access to the world of alternative asset investments.


Providing investors with direct access to curated alternative investment opportunities that have traditionally been limited to institutional investors or specialised lenders.

Who can Invest?

Wholesale investors
Financial advisors
Family offices
Professional investors

If you, and/or any Companies/Trusts/SMSFs that you control, have had gross income of at least $250,000 per annum for each of the last 2 years, or net assets of at least $2.5 million then you may register and invest via our platform.

Retail investors

At this time VentureCrowd is currently available to wholesale investors only.

What happens after you invest?


Monitor investments via your dashboard.


Regular updates are passed on regarding the deals you have invested in.


Once an investment crystallizes (via a trade sale, IPO, completion of property project or through our soon-to-be-launched secondary trading platform), you will receive funds (less any applicable performance fees), straight into your bank account.

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Raising equity and debt capital

For entrepreneurs/founders

VentureCrowd is a co-investment platform than can commit funding for projects that meet the following criteria:

Must have secured lead investors
Lead investors carry out due diligence on the issuer and set the terms of the deal ( e.g: valuation, equity, price, etc)
VentureCrowd conduct its own due diligence, including on each of these lead investors
VentureCrowd investors invest on the same terms as lead investors
VentureCrowd is industry agnostic with an investment mandate for low life time capital and high growth potential companies

If you meet this criteria...

For property developers

VentureCrowd is a co-investment platform than will commit a minimum of $1m up to $5m for projects that meet the following criteria:

Seeking to raise equity funding through the VentureCrowd platform up to 49% of total equity
Developer contributes its own equity to the Project. Reputable third party equity in addition to developer's equity is also desirable
VentureCrowd has the same investment terms as the developer and any third party equity
VentureCrowd has an option to participate in any debt financing required for the development
Commercial, residential and land subdivision development projects
1-3 years Project timeline
Project structure via a special purpose company
Are able to provide a deal term sheet with a description of the proposed project highlighting all material aspects of the project

If you meet this criteria we can approve the commitment within 4 weeks.

Venture Debt

VentureCrowd can help facilitate a growth/expansion phase finance for startups looking for capital to get to that next milestone but don't want to complete a fully priced equity raise.

R&D Grant
Invoice Finance
Asset Finance
Movie Producer Offset


For investors it’s free to register and invest. Once the capital is returned and a profit is realised for an investment, investors may be subject to a performance fee.

For issuers raising capital via VentureCrowd, a fee is applicable on the total amount raised for the round.