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Equity based crowdfunding allows investors to take equity in a business in exchange for cash investment. As a registered VentureCrowd investor, you can invest in our pre-screened deals through a trust managed by VentureCrowd.

VentureCrowd takes crowdfunding to the next level by moving away from the traditional crowdfunding model that offers investors a future reward or product for their investment. The only transaction that occurs through our online platform is in the form of equity exchanged for cash investment.

No. Only wholesale or sophisticated investors as defined by ASIC are able to participate in the investments featured on the VentureCrowd platform.

On VentureCrowd, the investment minimum is $1,000 however some investment opportunities have a higher minimum entry point. There is no maximum limit.

To register, simply apply online and a member of our Investor Relations team will qualify your application. Once registered, you will be given password-protected access to the full VentureCrowd site where you can take advantage of the many investment opportunities.

For Investors it is free to register & invest. Once your investment(s) materialise usually there is a performance fee payable to VentureCrowd, each deal may be slightly different and you should read carefully the terms of the Offer before you invest.

For issuers raising money on VentureCrowd it is also free to register your campaign. At the time the funds raised through VentureCrowd are transferred to you, a fee equal to 6% of the funds raised on VentureCrowd is charged plus a fixed fee covering the campaign and investment vehicle setup and management.

'Early stage' refers to the stage of development of the company in which the security is held. Generally, at an early stage of development, a company will have identified a consumer need or an opportunity in the market, created a minimum viable product or service to address that opportunity and will be in the process of implementing its sales and expansion plans. While such companies will already have some customers, at this stage, they are likely to be relatively few.

Early stage securities are a sub-category of the equities asset class, a growth asset class. They involve part ownership of a company, enabling investors to share in both the profits (income generation) and the future development (capital growth) of the company.

Early stage securities demonstrate a particular risk and return profile that is different to listed equities. They are high risk and high return potential assets, and are generally illiquid until the company is the subject of an IPO or a trade sale.

The likelihood of generating income through dividends from early stage securities is relatively low because early stage companies tend to reinvest any profit generated into the further development of their business.

Investing in early stage securities involves a number of risks. Investors wishing to invest in this asset class should take the time to understand the risks and have a strategy in place for mitigating those risks.

There is no minimum or maximum amount you can raise through VentureCrowd funding. However, you will need to disclose the total amount of the current raise and allocate a set amount to VentureCrowd.

You can monitor the progress of your investments via your investor dashboard. As we receive updates from the issuing parties we will also pass these on to you.

Full disclosure and due diligence documents for each opportunity are available on the VentureCrowd website, listed under the specific deal.

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